Two Class Subjects

This Course aims to inculcate a civic sense in the students and how they must do all they can to protect their environment be patriotic to their country and understand the need of their country in context to the world at large and changes due to globalization.

ہائی ٹیک پری اسکول

جماعت: دوئم


کورس دورانیہ:۸ جون۲۰۲۰ تا ۳ مارچ ۲۰۲۱

کتاب: مطالعہ اسلام

 1- Numbers


3- Subtraction

 4- Multiplication

5- Division







This book is based on National curriculum of Pakistan.


Unit :1    Our Earth

Unit :2   Plant Life

Unit : 3  Animal  Life

Unit :  4  The human body

Unit :5  Space and Environment

English Book 2 is written by an experienced British author.This book is very easy to use for students and teachers as well.It covers all the four language skills and provides ample opportunity for students participation.

  • Colourful layout.
  • Phonics exercises introduces different sounds in an interesting way.
  • Listening exercises help to develop listening comprehension skills.
  • Emphasis vocabulary development through a variety of exercises.
Oxford Progressive English Book 2