6 New Count Down 
Second Edition 

This subject covers the topics  about Sets, Rational Numbers, Integers, Profit and loss, Algebra, Geometry and Information Handling

This Book present the basic beliefs of Islam in an easy-to-understand language and style. There are references to the Quran and the Prophet's (PBUH) Ahadith, and important incidents in the Prophet's (PBUH) life have been recounted. Other important events from Islamic history and lives of earlier prophets have also been included.     

Teacher:  Ms Tahira Abbasi

This course has been designed to facilitate and make students to keep in touch with their regular academic activities.

اِس کورس سے ہم اردو شاعری نثر پارے,  مصنف کا تعارف ,  اسباق اور قواعدواِنشاء کے بارے میں سیکھیں گے

School: HITEC Margalla Campus

Subject: History

Grade: VI

Book: Oxford History For Pakistan Book 1

This book will provide information about history.

Class: 6th 

Subject: English

This lesson aims at providing pupils with adequate opportunities for exposure to English language and active engagement in its use. It will help the students in the development of a language skills, namely listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as grammar and punctuation. Through activity-based learning, pupils will learn and practice English in a contextualized and meaningful manner.