Class One Subjects

School: HITEC Pre school

Class: one

Course: English

Course Duration: 5th June 2020-1st March,2021

Book name: Oxford progressive English book 1

Author: Eleanor Watts.

Grammar book name: Grammar skills book 1

Author : Rosemarry Allen

These books are easy to understand , learn and covers all four language skills.

School: HITEC PRE-School

CLASS : Grade 1

Course :  Science.

Course Duration: 8th June 2020 to 5th March, 2021


 The New Oxford Book Series consist of six books. 

Author Name:  Nicholas Horsburgh.

Coordinator Email:-

ہائی ٹیک پری اسکول

جماعت: اوّل

کورس: اسلامیات

کورس دورانیہ: ۸جون ۲۰۲۰ تا ۵مارچ ۲۰۲۱

کتاب: مطالعہ اسلام

School: HITEC PRE School

Class: Grade 1

Course: Math

Course Duration: 5th June, 2020 to !st March, 2021

Book: Oxford New Countdown Book 1, 3rd Edition 

Its a revised edition. It covers all the basic concepts. Its very interesting and colourful.

school: HITEC Pre School

Class: Grade one

Course: Social studies

Book name: Social studies text book 1

Author: Afaq series
 social studies text book 1.( Nakhla series ) is  designed with the purpose of developing interest in social studies among the young learners.

ہائی ٹیک پری اسکول

جماعت : اول   

 کورس: اُردو

3 کورس دورانیہ: 8 جون 2020 تا مارچ 2021 

کتاب: کاروان اُردوُ

مصنف: پروفیسر علی اکبر