Nursery Subjects

In this course students will be able to 

  • Recognize and learn Urdu Haroof e Tahajji.
  • Write Urdu haroof e Tahajji with correct formation.
  • Learn the vocabulary words with Urdu Haroof e Tahajji.
  • Speak Urdu language with more fluency and efficiency.

We will use 

Spectrum Urdu ki Amli Mashqain as work book for writing practice along with vocabulary words. 

Haroof ki Kahaniyan will be used as Urdu reading book.

We will use worksheets for more clarity of concepts taught in this course.

This course is designed for Hitec Pre school Nursery students.
In this course You will be able to get knowledge and understanding of the world around..
It is to inform you that,there is no text book for this course.We will be using PPT slides and worksheets to learn the following topics.
Students will be able to get knowledge and understanding about
  • My body
  • Cleanliness
  • Transport
  • Plants
  • My Homeland 
  • Living Things

My name is Sobia Rameez subject specialist of English.  

This course covers communication, language and literacy skills.

Students will be able to recognize ,pronounce and learn the proper formation of letters.

They will be able to get phonemic awareness. 

It contains 1 Workbook(Spectrum 1)

 and 1 Reader (Sound English)

This course is designed for Hitec Pre School Nursery this course students will get all about Maths term 1. They will be able to

  •  Identify, recognize, count, learn and write the numbers 0-50 with correct formation and understanding. 
  • Identify   and recognize the flat and solid shapes 
  •  Learn and  write numbers in words one-five.
  • Identify the dtifference of measurements i-e tall, short,thick thin, big and small.                                                                    We will use Spectrum  Building Mathematics work book level 1 along with work sheets.