Nine Class All Subjects

This course provides knowledge which has been aligned with language skills and its appropriate usage in practical life


Recommend Book: BIOLOGY 9

                                     PLD Publishers, Lahore

Pakistan studies class 9
AUTHORS :M. HUSSAIN Chaudhary ,Mrs Uzma Azam

Introduction of Book.

Introduction of syllabus.

Introduction of F.B.IS.E model paper-Islamiat.

This course covers all the syllabus of SSC-1 as per FBISE including the textbook, as per paper pattern.

Book:   Chemistry Grade-9

Author:  Shahnaz Rashid and Muhammad Iqtedar-ur-Din

Publisher: National Book Foundation

Objective:  Chemistry is one of the most exciting and useful subjects.In grade 9 of chemistry students will learn how scientists decide what constitute scientific knowledge,how science is related to other ways of knowledge and in this book we will discuss about the different fields of chemistry, structure of atoms,detail study of periodic table,structure of molecules,physical states of matter and in electrochemistry we will learn how to apply chemistry in our daily life and last topic is about metals and non-metals. So this book encourage students to develop skills and think scientifically rather than simply memorize or scientific facts.

فیڈرل بورڈ سے منظور شدہ نصابی کتب براۓ جماعت نہم 

اور اردو قواعد وانشاء پنجاب ٹیکسٹ بک بورڈ۔نصاب کے مطابق 

پڑھائ جاۓ گی۔

BOOK: Computer Science

Author: National Book Foundation